School Counseling (PPS)

School Counseling 

The School Counseling / Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential option is a 60 unit program, comprised of 19 units of Major Core Requirements and 41 units of School Counseling coursework. 

To earn the Pupil Personnel Services Credential Master's degree, students must complete the core requirements above and the School Counseling specialization courses below.

While it is possible to complete all the courses required for the credential in a two-year period, such a program requires careful planning. The Department intends to offer each PPS course at least once a year, but students need to plan the sequence with their advisor to insure it matches the availability of courses. 

COUN 501 Counseling Theories & Professional Orientation 4
COUN 510A Applied Counseling Techniques & Assessment  4
COUN 511F Career Counseling: Foundations, Measurement and Assessment, and Issues Throughout the Lifespan  3
COUN 513 Research, Evaluation, and Assessment in Counseling 4
COUN 570 Multicultural Counseling  4


COUN 510B Counseling Practicum 4
COUN 511G Academic/Career Planning and Counseling Issues of K-12 Populations 1
COUN 514A School Counseling Field Experience I 4
COUN 514B School Counseling Field Experience II 4
COUN 520 Introduction to School Counseling  4
COUN 521 Pupil Personnel Services: Concepts and Organization  4
COUN 523 Working with Families in a School Setting  4
COUN 524 Counseling Children & Adolescents 4
COUN 526 Group Counseling in the Schools 4
COUN 527 Law & Ethics for School Counselors 4
COUN 528A Consultation  3
COUN 528B Crisis Intervention  1


All Master's candidates are required to complete a project representing a comprehensive and integrative understanding of the field of Counseling. Projects include a case analysis and a comprehensive exit exam.

Candidates are required to complete a minimum of eight hundred (800) clock hours in two of three school levels such as elementary, middle, high school with a minimum of two hundred (200) clock hours within each level. Two hundred (200) hours of the eight hundred (800) clock hours may be completed in other areas related to schools and/or counseling, such as field work hours needed for a Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) authorization. At least six hundred (600) clock hours must be completed in public school settings with Pre-K-12 pupils. If a candidate elects to complete 200 of the 800 hours in a setting outside of the Pre-K-12 school system, they must have a site supervisor that has a master’s degree in counseling or a related field.