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Admission FAQ

1. When do I have to complete the program prerequisites?

Prerequisite coursework may be in progress at the time of application. Students admitted to the program are encouraged to complete all prerequisite courses before entering the program. Students may enter the program without having completed prerequisite courses; however, all prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of the fall semester of the student’s entry year. Students who have not completed all prerequisite courses by this time will not be permitted to enroll in spring semester classes.

2. How do I know if a course I have taken meets the prerequisite requirement?  

Send the course title, description, and university name to Maricela Ibarra and it will be forwarded to a faculty member for review. 

3. Is the GRE required for admission to the program?  

No, we do not require the GRE. 

4. How many units can be transferred into the program? 

Upon review of the Counseling Department faculty after an applicant has been admitted, up to 8 units may be transferred into the CMHC or School Counseling master's degree program.  

5. I've submitted my application. When will I hear back about an interview after I apply?  

The average wait time to receive notification after the application deadline can range from three to six weeks. 

6. How much does it cost to apply to the program?  

There is a $70 fee to apply for Fall 2020. 

7. I have questions about tuition and scholarships. How do I get more information?  

Check out our Financial Aid and Scholarships page for more information.